About the Author


R. K. Mann began her work life as an economist, eventually morphing into a computer consultant in NY. Later, her hobby screenplay became Vestron’s Backtrack (Catchfire), starring Jodie Foster and Dennis Hopper. She was Associate Producer of the comedy Round Numbers, starring Kate Mulgrew, Marty Ingles, and Samantha Eggar. She also co-wrote the novel, Catchfire, which was published in several languages.

A few years ago, R.K. Mann moved back to her native Florida. She is a lifelong sheller and a more recent kayaker.

My Writing:

I never aspired to be a career writer. My first fiction was the screenplay, Backtrack, that I wrote as a lark. I was trying to nail down a good story in the least amount of words. I’d never even tried to write any fiction before that. As it turned out, the film business wasn’t much fun so I soon moved on.

I started and stopped writing The Trader: Man With No Face several times. I doubted I could pull off a novel. Your feedback has convinced me that my effort succeeded. I’ve started the sequel. It seems the stories are still coming and I’m enjoying this. Thanx.