Christopher James Dubey, IndieReader:


“In the thirty-fifth century, a spacefaring Patusian trader crash-lands on the planet Afthar … leaving him deaf, blind, and mute. However, the planet has altered him somehow so that he gains the telepathic abilities of the dominant  drogans… Meanwhile, twenty-four-year-old Veddian medic Maranth-sa-Veddi-Dimore and her robot Doc have been assigned medical service on the planet Addehut. Human Afthari raiders kidnap her and Doc … She becomes the medic for the [Afthari] human colony and comes across the disfigured man…

“…Two main interpersonal conflicts drive the story. One is Maranth’s internal dissonance as she changes from a traditional Veddian with great poise and mental control into a slightly traumatized slave, her world-view changing as she works to overcome great odds and comes to understand the limitations of her strict cultural upbringing on Veddi (formerly Earth). The other conflict is her undefined and quickly altering relationship with the mysterious Man With No Face…

“…THE TRADER is a space opera smoothly told with compelling writing, well-developed characters, and some original elements. A light, pleasurable read that should appeal to a wide readership.”

D. Donovan, The Midwest Book Review:

“If it’s a vivid science fiction read you’re seeking… then you’ll find yourself hooked from the first few paragraphs of The Trader – Man With No Face… Expect a book  which holds mystery, action, romance and intrigue; all set against a backdrop of complex protagonists and situations…

“…But this is no light adventure story: R.K. Mann devotes quite a bit of attention to fully describing aliens, technology, and the trappings of a very different world, and this attention to detail pays off with scenes that are unusually sharp and realistic: ‘The man gingerly lay down and watched anxiously as Doc swept him with an eyelike, blinking device, bathing him in blue light. The diagnostic light was silently accompanied by a highly sensitive ultrasound scan and, most importantly, an extremely sensitive sniffing intake that let Doc detect a myriad of illnesses by sampling the molecules coming off the patient…”

“…Add depth of character, vivid descriptions of place, and the meeting of two diverse protagonists and cultures makes for an engrossing read that’s hard to put down and that offers no easy, predictable route along its trail of adventure.”

Joe Crowe, Sr. Editor – Revolution SF Reviews

“Ridiculous. This is the 35th century, not the dark ages.”

“Space opera is fun. That’s why I dug this. It has alien races, spaceships that have names, and a dude with no face. Was that obvious from the book’s title?

“It’s a space adventure with romance, derring-do and fighting. All the characters seem lived-in and familiar, even though this is the first book. That’s a tremendous success for a writer to achieve…

“…Give this one a shot. You can never have too many stories with aliens and spaceships.”

Jan Marie C – Authors and Angels

The Trader: Man with No Face by R.K. Mann is a freaky sci- fi thrill read. I mean that in a good way!

“We first meet The Man with No Face as he refers to himself who ends up on this planet with no face not even ears! He meets these crazy telepathic bird creatures who like human blood, so he is immediately hunted as their main course. A strange thing happens though. He can read minds, and they can hear him!

“Next we… meet Meddoc Maranth who gets kidnapped, sold into slavery by the Afthar Radiers then taken to their camp to be their doctor. What? What does this have to do with The Man with No Face? Reading on it all comes together as these two characters end up intertwining. A daring adventure ensues… The Man with No Face character is very enigmatic… alluring character… Maranth on the other hand is a blossoming character… In fact every character in the book in the end walked away changed….

“Challenging myself to read something out of my comfort zone I found myself slipping deeper and deeper in the book. I loved how the two main characters started out separate and then got interwoven into an engrossing story. This is a book I want to add to my book shelf.”